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Linköping University Hospital named best hospital in Sweden

Linköping University Hospital has been named best hospital in Sweden for 2014 by the daily paper Dagens Medicin.  The south-east Sweden healthcare region also had top hospitals among the small and medium-sized hospital categories.

Universitetssjukhuset Foto: Göran BillesonIn the ranking process for best hospital in the categories university hospital, medium-sized hospital and small hospital, they looked at a number of different parameters including open comparisons, national patient surveys, measurement of how care guarantees have been met, care-related infections and adherence to hygiene regulations.

This year’s comparison shows that Linköping University Hospital is again in first place among the country’s hospitals. Linköping University Hospital also achieved this distinction in 2012, dropping to second place in 2013 behind the University Hospital of Umeå.

It is principally in the categories regarding guarantee of care, finance and waiting times in emergency that Linköping University Hospital comes out on top in the comparisons.

The south-east Sweden healthcare region placed well in all categories

Ryhov County Hospital in Jönköping was adjudged best medium-sized hospital in the country for the third year running. Vrinnevi hospital in Norrköping returned to the top rankings with second place.

Among the smaller hospitals, classified as emergency hospitals without maternity facilities that admit stroke and heart attack patients round the clock, the south-east Sweden healthcare region also placed well. Oskarshamn Hospital was best hospital for the second year running and Motala Hospital again climbed back up to third place in the rankings.

Best university hospital in the country

  1. Linköping University Hospital
  2. University Hospital of Umeå
  3. Örebro University Hospital

Best medium-sized hospital

  1. Ryhov County Hospital
  2. Vrinnevi Hospital
  3. Visby Hospital

Best small hospital in the country

  1. Oskarshamn Hospital
  2. Piteå Älvdal Hospital
  3. Motala Hospital

Johan Jäger 2015-01-22

Infant eczema often leads to asthma

Eczema in an infant is a clear warning sign for further allergies as the child gets older. In a recently published study from Linköping University, almost one third of all the children with eczema developed asthma by the age of ten.

Johnny Ludvigsson among top ten

The medical database Expertscape has ranked LiU researcher Johnny Ludvigsson among the world's top ten experts in research on type 1 diabetes.

Tougher on the tumour, gentler on the patient

Using MRI technology, the project Gentle Radiotherapy aims to realise the vision of individualised cancer treatment, with better results and fewer side effects. Peter Lundberg, professor at Linköping University, is part of the project.

Blood platelets disinfected to death

If blood becomes too thin, a transfusion with blood platelets may be necessary – but potential pathogenic agents must first be rendered harmless. The substances used for this unfortunately also destroy the blood platelets themselves, as shown in the findings of research at LiU and several European and Canadian universities.

Ten children ok, donors say

Between one and ten children – that is what the majority of Swedish egg and sperm donors think is an acceptable level for their assistance to childless couples. Female donors are more restrictive than male donors, according to a study at Linköping University.

Low-carbohydrate diet reduced inflammation

A low-carbohydrate diet, but not a low-fat diet, reduces inflammation in patients with type 2 diabetes, according to research at Linköping University.

New method measures turbulence in the heart

Altered blood flow in the heart can lead to inefficient, unfavourable pumping of the blood. Using a new method, researchers at Linköping University have now been able to measure turbulent blood flow in the left ventricle of the heart.

Nursing programme very popular among applicants

The number of applicants to the spring term programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences is significantly higher than in the same period last year. The nursing programme has received 55% more applications than last spring.

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