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Jonas Ludvigsson is Alumni of the Year!

Today we reveal the winners of the 2013 LiU Alumni of the Year. They are two inspirational people who generously share their knowledge:   Jonas Ludvigsson (Medicine) and Maha Bouzeid (Industrial Economy).Jonas Ludvigsson combines a successful career as a researcher with his practice as a paediatrician.


Jonas Ludvigsson Jonas Ludvigsson takes part in public debate regarding difficult medical-ethical issues, and is chairman of the Swedish Epidemiology Society and vice-chairman of the Swedish Paediatric Society. Jonas Ludvigsson spreads his expertise and engagement by way of articles, books and a blog.


Maha Bouzeid is a role model and mentor, who inspires others to take bold steps forward in their development. Her leadership skills have taken her on an exciting journey to remote locations around the world, for work and leadership training at Ericsson. She has been named as one of Sweden’s future female leaders and has won the Swedish Championships in project management. In addition to a successful career Bouzeid is highly involved in a number of organisations and networks that support women in the business sector.


Linköping University’s alumni make many valuable contributions to the community, both in Sweden and abroad. For the third consecutive year, Linköping University wishes to honour our former students a little extra. On 4 October the 2013 Alumni of the Year will attend a ceremony at Campus Valla in Linköping, where they will receive their awards from Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun, and will uncover a plaque bearing their names. (Note: ceremony and lectures will be in Swedish.)

Read more and see films about the 2013 Alumni of the Year



University of Tromsø goes for “the Linköping model"

Linköping University was the first in the world with student-run hospital departments, known as Clinical Training Wards (KUA). After receiving a visit from the Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Tromsø decided to invest in what they call the “Linköping model”.

Nursing programme very popular among applicants

The number of applicants to the spring term programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences is significantly higher than in the same period last year. The nursing programme has received 55% more applications than last spring.


Fernström Prize to Tino Ebbers

Professor Tino Ebbers has been awarded the 2012 Fernström Prize for his pathbreaking research around cardiovascular function in the borderlands between medicine and technology.

Circadian rhythm is health factor

Disruptions to the circadian rhythm can affect the growth of blood vessels in the body, thus causing illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer, according to a new study from Linköping University and Karolinska Institutet.

Sofia Ramström.

Outbreak of vole fever affects platelets

Rodents in northern Sweden are having a good year, and the number of cases of the haemorrhagic illness vole fever is increasing. New research results show that the virus behind the illness causes patients’ blood platelets to function to a lesser degree than they normally do.

Eva Svanborg.

Long-term snoring can cause nerve damage in throat

People who snore can, over time, develop nerve damage in their throats. Eva Svanborg, a professor in clinical neurophysiology involved in sleep disorder research, shows how. She has documented nerve damage in patients with sleep apnoea, a condition which can, among other things, increase the risk of heart attack.

Gunilla Sydsjö.

Sperm donors are mature and social

Swedish sperm donors are thought to be more stable, mature, and social than the average man, as shown in new study of Swedish infertility clinics, led from Linköping University.

Fredrik Agholme.

‘Biological’ medicines accelerate bone healing

Broken bones heal faster when treated with new ‘biological’ medicines, as shown in a new thesis at Linköping University - the hundredth from Forum Scientium.

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