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Anders Blomqvist

Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Neuroanatomy

Work in this laboratory is focussed on how immune signals are transmitted to and processed by the brain.

We have shown that peripherally released cytokines as well as bacterial wall endotoxin induce the expression of prostaglandin (PG) E2-synthesizing enzymes along the blood-brain barrier, and we have demonstrated that this induction, which is associated with increased intracerebral levels of PGE2, is critical for the febrile response to peripheral inflammation, and that it contributes to inflammation-induced anorexia and stress hormone release.

We are now further penetrating these questions using a broad methodological arsenal, including ultrastructural studies of the subcellular localization of cytokine receptors and PGE2 synthesizing enzymes in blood-brain barrier cells; molecular biological approaches for determining the role of specific blood-brain barrier elements in the induced immune-response; genome-wide analysis of PGE2-induced transcriptional events in laser capture microdissected PGE2 receptor expressing neurons; and targeted deletion of PGE2 receptors in select nerve cell groups to determine their involvement in specific brain elicited illness responses.

Previous contributions include the organization of somatosensory and nociceptive projections to brain stem targets and the involvement of gonadal hormones in nociceptive processing

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The Swedish Research Council grant # 7879; Swedish Cancer Foundation grant 12 0553



Anders Blomqvist

Name: Anders Blomqvist
Position: Professor
Department: IKE


Phone: +46-10-103 31 93
E-mail: anders.blomqvist@liu.se

Linköping University
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Division of Cell Biology
SE-581 85 Linköping



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