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Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences engages in a broad range of scientific activities ranging from basic biomedical and experimental clinical research to applied clinical studies and education and research within the fields of medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, medical pedagogy, and public health.

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Research and education in medicine, healthcare and public health at Linköping University.

Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine

Research News

Resin may provide medicine against epilepsy

Sticky resin from conifers contains substances that could relieve or cure epilepsy. Researchers at Linköping University have synthesized and tested 71 substances known as resin acids, of which twelve are prime candidates for new medicines.

Lecture Online: Nanoparticles around us and why size matters

The use of nanomaterials create concerns regarding their toxicity and possible impact on our health and environment. Online lecture with Susana Cristobal, Professor of Biomedicine.

Young people meet buyers of sex via the net

For young people not doing well in life, the likelihood is great that the internet becomes an area for sexual contacts. For some, that knowledge leads them to start selling sex.

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