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Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) is the medical faculty of Linköping University. The faculty engages in a broad range of scientific activities ranging from basic biomedical and experimental clinical research to applied clinical studies and research within the fields of medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, medical pedagogy, and public health.

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Research and education in medicine, healthcare and public health at Linköping University.

Research News

HIV virus in disguise tricks immune system

The HIV virus avoids the body’s immune cells by disguising itself using proteins that normally take part in the defence against infections. These are the findings of research conducted at the Division of Molecular Virology.

University Hospital

Linköping University Hospital named best hospital in Sweden

Linköping University Hospital has been named best hospital in Sweden for 2014 by the daily paper Dagens Medicin. The south-east Sweden healthcare region also had top hospitals among the small and medium-sized hospital categories.

Infant eczema often leads to asthma

Eczema in an infant is a clear warning sign for further allergies as the child gets older. In a recently published study from Linköping University, almost one third of all the children with eczema developed asthma by the age of ten.

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